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Transform Your District Digitally
Rs.4,999 + 18% GST  
Earn various benefits and opportunities to earn by owing a Agency Partner with us. We ensure:

✔️Great profits
✔️Regular earning options
✔️Referral bonus
✔️Online Control Panel / Dashboard
✔️Very efficient and effective product

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Eligible Criteria

✔️ The Agency holder shall be local and should reside in the same district.  
✔️ Anyone could hold an Agency, from a student to a working professional( lawyers/ architects etc).
✔️ He must have knowledge about computer, internet, mobile applications and ongoing social media platforms.
✔️ He must have efficient business relations in the district. Being socially active adds on to the overall personna of a business holder.
✔️He must be good enough to handle computer and mobile based payment applications.

✔️The most important role of an Agency is to contact all the businesses/ professionals in its respective area of operations.
✔️It will have to pay regular visits to enroll the client and shall require 4G phone and laptop to showcase the product.
✔️It will actually educate more and more people about the product to the local people to get as many enrollments as possible..

✔️Since, an Agency Partner is working on ground, they will get an amount of Rs.300 on every subscription.
✔️On adding a new Agency Partner (from anywhere in India) ,they will get a referral amount of Rs.2,000(One-Time).
✔️The subscription fee earned by an Agency Partner will be totally dependent on its own number of additions.

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